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Candy & Chocolate
Model: B09NRYZ5T9
GHIRARDELLI Valentine’s Day bundle includes two 0.69 ounce bags of Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Duet Hearts and two 0.69 ounce bags of Milk Chocolate Caramel Duet Hearts. CELEBRATE the holiday with these limited-edition Valentine’s Day chocolate caramel hearts. SMALL BAGS each include two individ..
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Model: B093M94BHV
A sweet way to send your love. 12 Fresh strawberries are lavishly hand-dipped in premium dark, milk and pink-tinted white chocolate, and decorated with chocolate drizzle and heart sprinkles We dip our berries in premium chocolatey confection for an exceptional chocolate-lover's experience Each berry..
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Model: B09NCJGRF7
PREMIUM RICH BELGIAN CHOCOLATES: Our delicious gourmet artisanal chocolate confections, bars, squares & tablets are made in the USA with quality imported Belgian chocolate. From rich dark to creamy milk chocolate each sweet & treat is made with love & car TRY ALL 8 DELICIOUS FLAVORS: This collection..
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Model: B09QXNT35Y
BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX WITH 12 CHOCOLATE COVERED COOKIES: Twelve delicious gourmet chocolate covered sandwich cookies in 12 decadent flavors; bakery-fresh, ribbon wrapped, and ready to gift for anyone who loves cupcakes, donuts, desserts, and edible chocolate HANDMADE & DIPPED IN PREMIUM DARK DESSERT CH..
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Model: B075S97GYS
Great gift for Mothers Day, birthday, thinking of you, or any occasion Perfect gift basket for family and friends, or as a corporate office gift. Snacks include: Gourmet snacks, chocolate, sweets & treats Kosher Certified OK D. Giving a kosher gift ensures that all recipients can enjoy and partake i..
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Model: B003OP550S
GOURMET TREATS AND INGREDIENTS: This festive box set is filled with scrumptious gourmet treats that your recipient is sure to love! Each Gift Tower includes a delicious assortment of Chocolate Truffles, Gourmet Caramel Popcorn, Party Snack Mix, Mint Choco READY TO GIFT WITH IMPRESSIVE PRESENTATION: ..
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Model: B07K9MB3YX
Are you looking for a budget friendly present that will be sure to impress them? Can't decide between healthy nuts and delicious chocolates? Choose the gift that has both! Our salty nut assortment and decadent gourmet chocolates is a winner for any crowd. Indulge in assorted delicious treats includi..
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Model: B09LHPC236
A UNIQUE GIFT THAT SAYS, I THOUGHT TWICE: Here is a truly great gift for men or women. Rare treats like s’mores salt water taffy and crowd favorites like chocolate peanuts make this variety snack tin so thoughtful. A perfect present for the family man on LET BOTH THE SWEET + SALTY TOOTH REJOICE: Em..
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Model: B09KG8173C
� PREMIUM CREAMY CHOCOLATE CRAVINGS: Kremery creamy cookies are not only generously covered in chocolate and topped with a variety of delicious toppings, but they also have the perfect combination of flavors and textures that make these cravings a premiu � A DELICIOUS AND THOUGHTFUL HOLIDAY GIFT: No..
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Model: B083V8RBL7
You will receive 3 items total; 1 DOZEN Milk Chocolate Flower Bouquet Roses, 1 Valentine-themed GIFT BAG and 1 Valentine day Tag, small size CARD. The dozen flower roses are made from the finest BELGIAN Chocolate, they are shaped into flowers and then individually wrapped to preserve the best flavor..
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Model: B07K38QBKQ
� AN INDULGENT SELECTION OF OUR 15 BEST SELLING CHOCOLATES: Gift baskets arrive with more than a pound of assorted milk, dark and white truffles. Flavors include: Milk Butter Pecan Patties, Cashew Clusters, Pretzel Clouds, Pecan Snappers, Sea Salt Carame ✨ CELEBRATE HOLIDAY JOY with this elegant yet..
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Model: B0844PFWTB
CHOCOLATE-DIPPED CARAMEL BALLS: Of the many birthday gifts for women out there, few things in the world are more delicious than chocolate dipped caramels. Give one of the greatest gift boxes for family, friends, and chocolate lovers. EACH BALL IS A PERFECT BITE: Whichever gift situation you find you..
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