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Model: B08KTBDX21
This package contains 12 Fudge & 12 Dark Fudge OREO cookies in a1.11 lb collectible tin decorated with Valentine's Day designs and filled with OREO original chocolate cookies dipped in fudge OREO sandwich cookies with original creme filling covered in fudge or Dark Fudge covered with a fudge creme f..
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Model: B0872ZS2Y2
This variety package contains 32 snack packs: 8 OREO Mini Sandwich Cookies, 8 CHIPS AHOY. Mini Cookies, 8 SOUR PATCH KIDS Candy, and 8 Nutter Butter Bites Bite-sized OREO cookies, CHIPS AHOY. cookies, and Nutter Butter cookies and sour-then-sweet SOUR PATCH KIDS candy make for an iconic treat experi..
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Model: B00QAM6BLO
Our Valentine's Day gift box contains 4 Heart decorated cookies and 4 undecorated cookies for the highest visual appeal. Makes the perfect gift for that significant other! Made with OREO Cookies covered in Philadelphia Candies milk chocolate. OREO is a registered trademark of Mondelez International...
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Model: B08WCHZM6C
FULLY KETO COOKIES: The Cookie Department believes in using food ingredients with unique health-promoting benefits such as: grass-fed butter, monk fruit, almond flour, farm fresh eggs, cocoa powder, and heavy cream. Through beneficial ingredients we creat NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS / NON-GMO: Low car..
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